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We’ve all been there; a day spent at home is a day spent online gambling. Ideally, you would like to always keep a vigilant eye on the slot you’re playing on: am I winning? Am I losing? “I’ve got this feeling the jackpot is about to burst!”. Here, autoplay will come in very handy.

Even though all of is this is very understandable, life outside of online gambling, naturally, takes priority. Examples of this would be walking the dog, preparing dinner, picking up the kids from school, etc.

At moments like these, you obviously want to finish your game, especially when you’re on a winning streak. It is for this exact reason that software developers have created the “autoplay function”. With this function activated it is the machine rather than you who’s pressing the “Spin” button. This enables you to not be physically present while still having the game continue, allowing you to run errands without losing time to play.

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Configure Autoplay

The autoplay button usually covers a large portion of your screen and features multiple settings. When configuring the function, one chooses how many spins the machine is allowed to play while on autoplay. For example, 10, 20, or 50 spins. After the pre-set limit of plays has been reached, it will automatically deactivate.

Advantages and disadvantages autoplay

A disadvantage is that you more or less lose control of the device, as the machine plays for you, virtually leaving the player as useless. This has an adverse effect on gameplay and with that the excitement that comes with playing online slots.

The advantages of autoplay speak for themselves. After a certain amount of time it becomes tiring to press the “play” button continually, and sometimes there are reasons why you would like to leave the computer for a while. How fun would it be coming back from running an errand and seeing you are now €300  richer?!

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