Bet limit and bet amount

Slots have a particular way of computing your total bet. Namely, it isn’t as straightforward as it is for, say, blackjack. That is, when betting five euros playing blackjack, five euros is your bet amount.

For slots, the total sum you bet is your bet amount multiplied by the number of pay lines you are playing. Let’s say, for example, that your bet amount is € 0.50, and you play 20 pay lines. In this case, your total bet per spin is € 10. Namely, € 0.50 times twenty equals € 10.

Wager amount

Computing Betting Limits

The way described above can be used to compute betting limits. Even though betting limits are usually described on paytables, it is always advisable to calculate it yourself.

Namely, you are the one who determines how many pay lines you are going to play. When playing with the number of pay lines, you are altering your total amount bet. One can easily imagine that when playing all possible pay lines with the highest possible amount bet, it can quickly become expensive. To illustrate this: take the example of your bet amount being €10 and you play 20 pay lines. In this case, your total bet would be €200 per spin.

Bet amount

The amount you bet per pay line, per spin, is also up to you. Bear in mind that the bet amount is not the total sum you are betting. Multiply your bet amount by the number of pay lines to get the total amount bet, or, otherwise known as, bet limit.

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