Bonus game

Many slots have a bonus game. The way this features can be unlocked depends on the slot. Also, what you can win in a bonus game varies per software developer and actually even also per slot. Usually, you can win fun extras like free spins or extra credits in bonus games.

bonus game

Appearance bonus game

We strongly advise you to first read everything you need to know about a bonus game before trying to acquire one. Namely, first question: how do you get this particular bonus game? Second question: what can I win? These two questions are the most important ones.

An example of entering a bonus game would be having a certain number of scatters landing on your reels. Sometimes, for example, three scatters showing up is enough to be granted a bonus level. Another way of acquiring a bonus level could be getting a winning combination on a pay line that will get you a bonus level.

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Different types of bonus games

The type of bonus level differs across most slots. However, there are some important, widespread similarities in most machines.

For example, a bonus game might require you to spin a wheel, like a Wheel of Fortune. That means, you spin a wheel and when it stops spinning the item in the selected space at that point, is what you win. Another option would be that you have to select different spaces and see what reward it holds.

The somewhat simpler and older version of this would be the possibility to gamble. Usually, you do this be guessing heads or tails, and subsequently flipping a digital coin. Do bear in mind that this version is usually a double-or-nothing situation. Meaning that if you win, you double your winning, but if you lose, you do not get anything at all.

Rewards bonus games

Usually, the rewards of bonus games are in the form of free spins. With these, you get to spin the machine, without having to pay the wager. Another possible reward would be added credits.

As you probably know by now, bonus games are always a great way to possibly win even more. Only the games with for example a coin flip is where you can loose money. If you don’t want to take that risk, you can always decide not to flip the coin. However, most times, a bonus game will lead to something extra without incurring any risk whatsoever.

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