Cashback Promotions

We’ve all been there: we’ve just made a deposit of 50 or 100 euros, and before you’ve had a chance to blink, it’s disappeared – or so you feel. Of course, this is frustrating and demotivating. Hence, you won’t be tempted to make another deposit soon because you’ve lost so fast.


Since casinos want to keep you as a happy player, a lot of these gamble palaces have come with something cool. From time to time, some casinos hold a so-called cashback promotion. This means that you can receive back part of your lost money.

This may sound strange, and as a player, you don’t hope to qualify for this bonus. That’s because this bonus is only for players who have lost their money. If you lose money, the cashback promotion will enable you to receive a certain amount or your lost money back, allowing you to play again, with more luck hopefully.

Of course, this is a very attractive and generous offer, especially because you’ve already lost your money in a ‘fair’ way. This is merely a part of service that some casinos offer players because they understand what gambling mean: you can’t always be lucky.

Find Weekly Cashback Promotions at Codeta

Staying updated

If you would like to stay updated about if and when your casino has a cashback promotion, we strongly advise you to keep an eye on the promotion page of the casino. Often, these web pages inform clearly about the available cash drops. Of course, you can also contact the customer service to ask questions about the cashback promotions.



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