Pay lines

Pay lines are the most important lines of online casinos. They are part of online slots and are the lines on which combinations have to be formed to win.

Pay lines

Shapes pay lines

Pay lines come in many forms. You have your classic lines -horizontally, vertically, and diagonally-, and you have your modern pay lines. With the rise of online slots, many new lines have developed. Nowadays, there are slots with over 300 pay lines! Pay lines are all over the place on those slots.

Wager per line

You usually can determine how many pay lines you want to play. Every line you play costs money, which is important to keep in mind. However, of course, when playing more lines, your chances of winning are also higher. Every line costs you one wager unit. Let’s say you wager € 0.10 per line, and you want to play 60 lines, it will cost you €6 per spin. Usually, the minimum wager per pay line is € 0.01.

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How do these lines work?

After you have configured how many lines you want to play, you have to press the play button. The turning wheels will start turning, and you hope that winning combinations will form on at least one of your lines. Obviously, you only win when combinations have formed on lines you have paid for.

Pay lines – jackpot

When playing for a jackpot, it is advisable to play all possible lines. Experience tells us that jackpots are mainly won by players who play all possible lines. Clearly, this finding makes sense, as playing more lines increases your chances of winning in the first place. Now you know everything you need to know about pay lines!

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