scattersScatters are parts of slots, designed to increase players’ chances of winning. The unique characteristic of scatters is that these symbols do not necessarily have to be part of a particular pay line. As vague as this might sound now, it will all be clear at the end of this article.

Scatters – winning outside of pay lines

In essence, you always need combinations to be on a pay line. That is, a combination not on a pay line doesn’t yield any winnings.

To help players, software developers have come up with a way to avoid the abovementioned rules concerning combinations needing to be on pay lines. The solution has been the introduction of scatters.

Scatters are pre-determined symbols that will always give you extras when they appear in specific numbers, regardless of pay lines. To find out what symbols are scatter symbols, and what symbol gives what extra, check out the paytable. For example, on a horror slot, three skulls might mean 15 free spins. The amazing part about scatter symbols is that the composition of the, in this case, skulls does not matter at all. That is, they can be very scattered, outside of any pay lines, and you still receive a bonus.

Possible bonuses scatter symbols

Different games and casinos have different bonuses linked to scatter symbols. That is, sometimes you might win free spins, and sometimes you might even win cash! Additionally, scatter symbols often grant you a bonus game.

In the paytable of the game you are playing can you find all information needed about the scatters present. Here you can read what symbols are scatters and what you can win with them.




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