Wagering Free Bonus

We’ve all heard about the different kinds of bonuses, but have you heard of wagering free bonuses? These might be the best that you can get, after all, what you are actually getting, it cold, hard cash added to your account. By receiving a wagering free bonus, the money that you are getting is not bonus money, and does thereby not contain any wagering requirements. This means that you could, in theory, withdraw you winnings immediately, or you could bet it on different games as real money. This also means that you can play on any game you wish with these winnings.

Wagering Free Free Spins

Wagering free free spins entail that all the winnings that you receive from the (for example) 20 free spins are all yours to keep. Some casinos chose to provide players with the opportunity to buy, or trade points for free spins without any wagering requirements.

Wagering Free Cash Prizes

At some online casinos, it’s also possible to receive wagering free cash prizes. These are cash prizes whereby the cash that you can win will be added to your account after the promotional period, and you can use it immediately. This can be provided at, for example, a tournament.

Wagering Free Casino Bonus Offers:


All the free spins that you receive through the use of Echoes are wagering free at Kaboo. This means that when you have enough Echoes to buy free spins, you can do so without any need for wagering. This includes regular free spins as well as super spins (worth € 1 or more). Get your wagering free free spins now!

Mr Green

Mr Green doesn’t have permanent wagering free bonuses, but they do have wagering free promotions very often. These are often included in tournaments or live leaderboards through free spins or games such as live roulette.

You can also win free cash with the Gold Card Bonus at the live blackjack table, where you can win € 5, € 10, € 20, or € 50 free cash, so no wagering required! Get your wagering free prizes now!


Rizk has a “no bullshit” policy, which includes their Rizk Wheel. When you turn the Rizk wheel, all the prizes are wagering free. This includes the real money cash prizes that you can win, as well as the free spins, Super spins (worth € 1), and Mega Spins (worth € 5). Get your wagering free prizes now!


Similar to Kaboo, SuperLenny free spins that are bought with BUX points are completely wagering free. This doesn’t depend on the amount, or worth that you buy them at; they’re all wagering free! Get your wagering free free spins now!


Videoslots.com has casino races. These casino races ensure that you get to receive cash prizes through the use of a leaderboard. Depending on your position, you can win up to € 500 cash. This means € 500 wagering free cash on your account! Get your wagering free cash prizes now!

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