Wagering requirements bonuses

Naturally, bonuses are always great. It also just seems ideal: a doubling of your initial deposit to your account. However, and this is something many people don’t know, there is a catch. Namely, a bonus can’t be just paid out. No, a player first needs to perform some things to meet the wagering requirements before getting a bonus paid out.

Bonus Requirements

You can always find the requirements concerning bonuses on the casino’s website. Usually, bonuses have a wagering requirement. For example, a casino could have a 35 x wagering requirement. In the case that you have received a € 100 bonus, you would first need to have wagered 100 x 35 = 3,500 euros in total before you can cash out your bonus.

Different ways of measurement

Different casinos have different modes of computing how much you wager. For example, when playing blackjack, casinos sometimes only wager 10% of your total bet. That is to say, when you wager € 100, they view this as € 10 with respect to your wagering requirements.

All casino websites clearly indicate wagering requirements and its terms and conditions. Therefore, to be well-informed, please check out the casino’s website.

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Meeting the requirement

Meeting the wagering requirement means that you need to play at the casino. However, don’t just play anything when trying to meet the requirement. Namely, casinos usually only give you 10% of your bet when playing blackjack. On the other hand, wagers on slots usually are 100% effective concerning the requirements, which means you that meet the requirement quickest when playing slots. Some casinos do tend to exclude certain games, and have a wagering limit (so you can’t bet with high amounts in one go), so make sure that you check the terms and conditions!

When trying to meet a requirement, it is usually very easy to see how much you still have to play before you can redeem your bonus. Nonetheless, when in doubt, you can always contact the casino customer service. The casino’s staff will be able to explain everything you want to know for you to cash your bonus!


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