Wild symbols

wild symbol

One of your favorite buddies on slots would be the wild symbol. Just like a joker in card games, this symbol can take all possible shapes and is always in your best interest.

Imagine playing a slot with five reels, and reel 1, 3, and 4 have the same symbol; let’s say a banana. In this case, you certainly do not have a winning combination. Namely, there is no banana on reel 2. However, also imagine having a wild symbol on reel 2. In this case, you would have four bananas in a row, and hence a winning combination.

Appearance wild symbols

Naturally, not all slots have these amazing symbols. Also, wild symbols look different on different slots. But, no matter what they look like, their functions will always be the same: that of a joker.

Unfortunately, it is not up to you when and whether wild symbols will appear. Just like the entire game, wild symbols appear completely randomly.

Sticky wild

One type of these symbols is the so-called sticky wild. This symbols also have the same joker-like characteristics but is even better to receive than a normal one. Namely, as the name suggest, this symbols sticks around. That is, this symbol will linger on for a few spins, thus increasing your chances of winning for a number of spins.

Possible bonus wild symbols

For some games, wild symbols not only have their joke-like function, and thus helping you with winning combinations, they also come with bonuses. Whether and what kind of bonuses can be found in the paytable. Make sure to be advised about these awesome symbols before you start playing. One thing is for sure: we should hope for wild results!



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